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Advanced Architectural Acoustic Design

Code AR3907
Credits 3
Description The course has been prepared: (1) to discuss the quantitative aspects (physics, comfort-health standards, technologies, etc.) and qualitative aspects (philosophy, aesthetics, culture, etc.) of architectural natural and artificial acoustics, (2) to train students how to conduct basic research for developing acoustical design concepts, and (3) to train students how to use computer programs for acoustic design processing.
General Instructional Objective After completing this course, students are capable to do research on acoustics and to use computer programs to create creative, technical and esthetical acoustic designs.
Tutor Y.P. Suhodo
Software ECOTECT, online software.
Fundamental About sound by Wikipedia
About sound by Acoustical Solutions Inc.

Institutions Acoustical organizations around the world accessed from the Canadian Acoustical Association's website.

Electronic Journal "Technical Acoustics"
Links to acoustics journals (example)

References Architectural acoustic by Google scholar.
Glossary Acoustics Design and Simulatioan Terminology by Acoustical Solutions Inc.
Virtual lab

Acoustical lab by Vibrationdata.com
Acoustical lab by Mcsquared.com

Syllabus Advancd. Arch. Acoustical Design
Output Design

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