Matriculation (MAT111)


AR3901    Architectural Research Methodology
AR3902    Sustainable Architecture
AR3903    Project Design Studio
AR3904    Advanced Design Studio
AR3905    Architecture Office Management
AR3906    Thesis


Building Science Concentration

AR3907    Advanced Architectural Acoustic Design
AR3908    Advanced Architectural Lighting Design
AR3909    Advanced Architectural Ventilation Design
AR3910    Advanced Architectural Structure and Construction Design
AR3911    Building Energy Analysis and Management
AR3912    Architecture Artificial Intelligence

Building Design Concentration

AR3913    Architecture Theory and Philosophy in Modern Era
AR3914    Ergonomic-based Design
AR3915    Psychology in Architecture
AR3916    Culture and Architecture
AR3917    Feng Shui-based Design
AR3918    Advanced Interior Design

Urban Design Concentration

AR3919    Issues of Local Regional Identity vs Global City
AR3920    Producing and Consuming Urban Form
AR3921    Urban Morphology
AR3922    Designing People-friendly Environment
AR3923    Urban Design and Art of the City
AR3924    Urban System and Physical Environment