Architectural Research Methodology

Code AR3901
Credits 3
Description The course has been prepared: (1) to discuss methods of architectural research in detail, (2) to train students how to do research in architecture, (3) to train students to develop specific research to produce concepts for designs.
General Instructional Objective After completing this course, students are capable to conduct architectural research projects, including research preparation, design, and execution; data analysis, result conclusion and report writing.
Tutors L.A. Rudwiarti; A. Setiadi; D. Purbadi
Software MS Exel, SPSS, nVivo, etc.
Fundamental About research by Wikipedia
Institutions Architecture Research Institution
Great Buildings
Journals Directory of architecture related journals by The Architectural Review.
Artifact directory by RDN.
Architectural Research Quarterly 
References Papers on Architectural Research by Google scholar.
Glossary Terminology in research by Research Mindedness
Virtual Lab Online statistical analysis by
Syllabus Architectural Research Methodology
Output Paper