Code MAT111
Credits 0
Description The course has been prepared: (1) to discuss the information technology product, i.e. computer hardware and software and their use, (2) to train students how to use computer hardware and software effectively and efficiently, and (3) to train students how to assemble and install computer hardware and software. The matriculation covers:
– Inside a computer and its peripherals
– Operating systems and open sources
– Networks
– Free and commercial software for architects’ works
– Configure your computer to meet your need
– Tips to work effectively and efficiently with a computer
– Avoiding Over Occupied Syndrome
General Instructional Objective After completing this course, students are capable to select the suitable computer hardware and software and use them effectively and efficiently.
Tutors P. Satwiko; A. S. Santosa; F.X. Sukidi

MS Windows, Linux and other software each represents its unique usage.