Project Design Studio

Code AR3903
Credits 3
Description The course has been prepared: (1) to discuss methods of architectural design in detail, (2) to train students how to do research in architecture designs, (3) to train students how to use computer programs in architectural designs.
General Instructional Objective After completing this course, students are capable to design an architectural work with certain methods.
Tutors FXE Arinto; R Budihardjo; P Satwiko.
Software Adobe Photoshop; 3D Max; Archicad; autoCAD; Blender
Fundamental About architecture by Wikipedia
About architectural styles by Wikipedia
About digital architecture by Wikipedia
Institutions Design Community by
CAD and Digital Media by Architecture Week
Journals Directory of architecture related journals by The Architectural Review.
Glossary Architecture terminology by
Virtual Lab
Syllabus Project Design Studio
Output Design